Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We're ENGAGED!!!

OH MY GOODNESS!! We're finally engaged! I can't believe I actually get to marry this handsome man that I have come to know and LOVE over the past 18 months. YAY!!! June 9th is our BIG day, at the Salt Lake Temple.

How it all went down:
For Valentines this year I gave Jared a "Date Jar" inside this jar was 50 different date ideas. So Friday night he told me we should pick out a date to use on Saturday. Saturday came and i decided i didn't want to do anything that night. Haha, I wanted to curl up in our sweats and hang out at my parents house with the rest of my family. So i called Jared and told him, He insisted on bringing the date jar in case we wanted to pick from it later, or if we got bored. A little miffed, I finally agreed. He came over and we decided to go to dinner with my parents. While I was getting in the car, he stood there opening my door and told me to pick from the date jar.. I told him to get in the car and that was silly because we already knew we were going to dinner and that we could pick later. So he got in the car and insisted again that I pick out an idea for later. I finally agreed, opened the jar and picked out a folded piece of paper. That little piece of folded paper, in green writing said " Jordan, will you marry me?". He had replaced all of my date ideas with 50 will you marry me's. =) I read it, folded it back up, then realized what it said. In shock and starting to cry, I looked over at him as he bent down on one knee out side the car. Reaching in his coat he pulled out a little white box with a bow and asked me to marry him. =) I sat there sobbing in disbelief that this was finally happening. He then asked again, and then said " Yes? No? Maybe?" I cheerfully said yes, then got out of the car and ran around and hugged him.

HOLY COW! Its really happening haha. We are so incredibly happy and excited for this next chapter in our lives, and I cant wait to blog all about it! I actually have something to blog about now. =)