Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We're ENGAGED!!!

OH MY GOODNESS!! We're finally engaged! I can't believe I actually get to marry this handsome man that I have come to know and LOVE over the past 18 months. YAY!!! June 9th is our BIG day, at the Salt Lake Temple.

How it all went down:
For Valentines this year I gave Jared a "Date Jar" inside this jar was 50 different date ideas. So Friday night he told me we should pick out a date to use on Saturday. Saturday came and i decided i didn't want to do anything that night. Haha, I wanted to curl up in our sweats and hang out at my parents house with the rest of my family. So i called Jared and told him, He insisted on bringing the date jar in case we wanted to pick from it later, or if we got bored. A little miffed, I finally agreed. He came over and we decided to go to dinner with my parents. While I was getting in the car, he stood there opening my door and told me to pick from the date jar.. I told him to get in the car and that was silly because we already knew we were going to dinner and that we could pick later. So he got in the car and insisted again that I pick out an idea for later. I finally agreed, opened the jar and picked out a folded piece of paper. That little piece of folded paper, in green writing said " Jordan, will you marry me?". He had replaced all of my date ideas with 50 will you marry me's. =) I read it, folded it back up, then realized what it said. In shock and starting to cry, I looked over at him as he bent down on one knee out side the car. Reaching in his coat he pulled out a little white box with a bow and asked me to marry him. =) I sat there sobbing in disbelief that this was finally happening. He then asked again, and then said " Yes? No? Maybe?" I cheerfully said yes, then got out of the car and ran around and hugged him.

HOLY COW! Its really happening haha. We are so incredibly happy and excited for this next chapter in our lives, and I cant wait to blog all about it! I actually have something to blog about now. =)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Love My Job!

So as I have mentioned, I work for a Oculoplastic surgeon in Provo named Dr. Engen. I can not even tell you how much respect and love I have for this man and his practice. Back in May I left his office to start a new job in the direction i thought I wanted to pursue. It was a Chiropractic office in American Fork. I took the job thinking it would be a great opportunity to learn more about the human body and bones and X-rays. Which I did, i was able to learn how to take x-rays, develope them and treat patients with Electric Stimulation therapy, and Ultra Sound therapy. As I worked there I got to know all sorts of different people, and hear all about their life stories and backgrounds. I loved it. But shortly I soon realized how much I missed the surgical side of working in the healthcare world.
Being back at Dr. Engen's office I am happier then ever. He is so humble and amazing with patients. Not to mention everything is so fun. We see all sorts of different things. Skin Cancers, Orbital and Facial Fractures, Face lifts, Lipo suction Etc. I am so excited to learn more, and get started on my schooling for either Surgical Tech, or Medical assitant. Both of which i pretty much am with his office, but with out the proper schooling and degree, i cant go too far with it.
I am so thankful to be working for such an amazing doctor who truly cares about his patients and staff.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cant Wait to be Domestic!

Holy Mother, My Sweet friend Jenny invited me on to Pinterest..... I am obsessed.
I am seriously amazed at how wonderfully talented people in the world are! There are so many craft ideas on there. I cant wait to get started and create all these things! It will be so much fun when i get married to be able to decorate my home with all of these fun crafts! and not to mention what a great way to spend my time! The best part about it, its pretty cheap! instead of going to the store and buying all this beautiful home decor... I WILL MAKE IT! woohooo. I am nervous how it will turn out... because im not very talented in that area, but im sure the more i do it the better ill get.
Food..... I cant wait to cook. I know i should start now, and that way ill be a pro by the time i have to cook for jared.... but i think ill hold off a little bit longer. On the bright side, Im learning all sorts of fun recipes on this website.
I swear Pinterest is taking over my life. Anyway im excited and thought i'd share!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Little About Me

My full name is Erica Jordan Schwitzer, although my name is Erica, no one ever calls me that (unless im in trouble), I go by Jordan. Dont ask why my parents named me that, but never intended to call me it. I was born in Provo, Utah on August 30, 1989 to two love birds name Carl and Marie. I have one older brother named David, although we fight like cats and dogs, I love him terribly. We are 3 years apart, and are the best and worst of friends. Ever since i can remember I have looked up to my brother. He is so amazingly talented at anything he puts his mind to. Our Family is blessed with the wonderful talent of music. Although a vast chunk of it has been placed to my father and brother, my mom and i like to pretend we're "real good" too. =) David can hear a song once on the radio, pick up a guitar, or sit down at the piano and have it figured out perfectly in 10 minutes. He is also the nicest person you will ever meet. He can strike up a conversation with anyone, where ever he goes he's constantly making new friends. He has the kindest heart and I am lucky to have him as a brother. He recently married the beautiful Kalee Marie. Boy did I luck out! I always wished when I was younger that one of my best friends could marry him so that we could be sisters! and guess what? It happened! Kalee and I became best friends after I started dating her brother in high school. Although things never progressed with him, I lucked out in a beautiul best friend. Kalee is truly a beautiful person inside and out. She has such a tender spirit and love for all those around her. Kalee makes me laugh till I cry with out fail every time we play. Whether we're sitting on the couch doing what we do best (watching TV... what can we say? we love it), scrapbooking, or going for drives up Piteetineet. I love my new sister, and am so lucky to have her join our family.

Now for Carl and Marie AKA Fred and Lui

I am so blessed to have been raised by these two. Im sure while I was growing up, and probably even now, sometimes they wanted to kill me, But they have made me in to the person I am today. I am for ever grateful.

My Gorgeous Mother, Eva Marie, was born back east in Pennsylvania. Being the only girl with 4 brothers, she grew up to be a tough amazing woman. She came out to BYU and met her hunky husband. I admire my mothers incredible strength , and tender heart. She is my very best friend and I dont know what I would ever do with out her. She has set such an incredible example to me in how a Wife, Mother, and Loving Friend should be.

My Daddy, Carl, was born and raised in Sunny Southern California and moved out to Utah when he was 18. He is a Electrical Contractor with his own business Timp Electric, and Singer Songwriter. He has been playing guitar for 45+ years, and is amazing at it. My Dad is TRULY gifted. Since i can remember i have been going to his concerts with a beaming smile across my face. He has created a recording studio in our basement where he spends his free time creating music. I am 100% a daddies girl. I am so blessed to have this man in my life. Although he is not a member of my LDS religion, he is the shinning example of what a man should be. I look to him for everything, guidance in Money, Schooling, Relationships, Mr. Fix it things, Etc.

I am at the wonderful age of 22 , and have so much to learn and experience in life. I grew up Dancing, cheerleading and playing piano, all of which i still love to do. I graduated from Timpanogos High School in 2007, then ventured down Dixie State College with my great friend Chelsea. I only spent one year down south, but it was a very fun college experience. I moved back up to Orem and began attending Utah Valley University. I got a job with a Plastic Surgeon in provo, and boy was this a blessing in disguise.

A few short weeks after beginning work at Dr. Engen's office, I began having serious health issues. I was short of breath, a very rapid heart beat, and swolen ankles. I went from Dr to Dr trying to find the cause. The diagnosi's went from Depression (which if you know me, know that this is a load of pooh, because i love life) to Conjestive Heart Failure to a Psuedo Tumor. Thankfully all of those were not the answer. One Day, Dr. Engen mentioned i should check my Thyroid levels, so i did. Sure enough there was the answer. I was then Diagnosed with Graves Disease and all the lovely things that come along with it. Unable to control my thyroid levels with proper medications, I underwent a Iodine Radiation treatment, resulting in killing my thyroid stimulating hormone. I also began having serious headaches and pressure in my eyes. Later to find out, one of the wonderful side effects of graves disease called Thyroid Associated Orbitopothy. Luckily, i had been working for the right man! Dr. Engen specializes in Oculoplastics, which extends from facial plastics, to reconstructive surgery and all of that in between. He ordered a visual field (which tests the pressure on your optic nerve in your eye) and found out i was having compression. The muscels in my eye were swelling putting pressure on my optic nerve. Resulting in my very first surgery, Orbital Bone Decompression. He went in through my upper eyelid on the right side, and shaved down and removed bone with in my orbit. Since 2009, i have had 5 Orbital decompressions, 2 on my left eye, and 3 on my right. Before proceding with surgery, he tries to control the disease with steroids (not the good kind hah), i was put on a high dose of prednisone which was miserable. It makes you fat, over heated, and angry (literal roid rage!). only being able to be on steroids for a limited amount of time, we proceded with surgery. Only about 20% of the People with graves disease have the associated orbitopothy , and with in that 20 % only about 6% end up needing the surgery.

I am one lucky duck haha. I really am so thankful though that I am working for the doctor that can monitor me daily and take care of me. I am thankful for my condition, and know that this a small trial that is preparing me for what ever is in my future. I have been working for Dr. Engen going on 4 years now, and I love and respect him SO much.

Last but not least, my cute boyfriend Jared.

Man do I LOVE this boy. He is the kindest, sweetest, smartest, funniest, person I have ever met. Haha really though, he's amazing.

Little did I know that the man of my dreams attended the same junior high and highschool as me. Jared and I knew of eachother in Highschool, but didn't KNOW eachother. Thank You to the hackers of facebook, we became friends and began conversating over our love for music. I invited him to one of my dads concerts, which is where we first officially met (in person). This tall beefy hunk walked in to guru's and i was immediately impressed. A few days later he called and asked me out, we went to Lagoon for Frightmares, and it was soo much fun.

We have now been dating for a year, and i am so in love. Jared is a worthy amazing priesthood holder, has a geniune love for others, and so many talents gifts I cant even name them. I am so lucky and blessed to have this boy in my life. Not only is he an example to me, but to my family. We are so lucky to have this man in our lives who can answer all of the schwitzer questions about our LDS religion hahah.

I love him, and cant wait to record all or our fun adventures together on here for all you to read =)


Welp, I've decided to start blogging. Please bare with me while I figure this out. I warn you, I suck at spelling, grammar and complete sentences. (you know, those things we learned in school?) But, this will be a fun adventure and a wonderful way to keep updated with my loved ones far away.