Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cant Wait to be Domestic!

Holy Mother, My Sweet friend Jenny invited me on to Pinterest..... I am obsessed.
I am seriously amazed at how wonderfully talented people in the world are! There are so many craft ideas on there. I cant wait to get started and create all these things! It will be so much fun when i get married to be able to decorate my home with all of these fun crafts! and not to mention what a great way to spend my time! The best part about it, its pretty cheap! instead of going to the store and buying all this beautiful home decor... I WILL MAKE IT! woohooo. I am nervous how it will turn out... because im not very talented in that area, but im sure the more i do it the better ill get.
Food..... I cant wait to cook. I know i should start now, and that way ill be a pro by the time i have to cook for jared.... but i think ill hold off a little bit longer. On the bright side, Im learning all sorts of fun recipes on this website.
I swear Pinterest is taking over my life. Anyway im excited and thought i'd share!

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